Aviso Legal


Pursuant to the provisions of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, you are hereby informed of the general information details for this Website:

Entity responsible: VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L.

Address: C/ Filá Cordón no. 36, Polígono Industrial Cotes Altes, 03804 Alcoy (Alicante)

Contact e-mail: info@tuttoviajes.es

Tax ID number: B-54227707

Registry information: VOLUME 3180, BOOK 0, FOLIO 96, SHEET A-106228 of the Mercantile Registry of Alicante

Administrative licence: the core business of VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. is as a Travel Agency, and as such it has the prerequisite administrative licence for performing its functions, with licence number CV-Mm1019-A, issued by the Government of Valencia's Servei Territorial de Turisme d'Alacant (Territorial Tourism Service for Alicante).



1. Website users

Anyone who accesses the Website is given the status of user, and from that moment must fully and unreservedly accept the present general conditions. 

The use of certain services offered on this site shall also be governed by the special conditions stipulated in each case, which shall be considered as accepted by the mere use of such services. 

VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. shall in no way be responsible for the use that users could make of the Website or its services, nor for any subsequent damages. Said responsibility shall be extended to use by the user or any third party of passwords or similar assigned for accessing the Website or any of its services.

2. Operation and availability of the website

VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. reserves the right to modify and update the information contained on the Website, the configuration and presentation thereof and the conditions of access at any time and without requiring advance notice.

VIAJE TUTTOCARD, S.L. reserves the right to discontinue access to its Website or of any of its services or content at any time and without advance notice.

3. Exclusion of liability

VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. cannot be held liable for:

1. security errors that may occur or damages that may be caused to the user’s computer system (hardware and software), or to the files or documents stored therein, as a result of the presence of a virus; malware or programmes with harmful content;

2. the lack of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the Website or of its services of content;

3. use by users of the Website, its services or content, that is unlawful, negligent, fraudulent, contrary to the present General Conditions, to good faith, to generally accepted uses or to public order;

4. breach by third parties of their obligations or commitments in relation to the services provided to users through the Website.

4. Content and quality of the Website

VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. assumes no responsibility whatsoever arising from linked content on the Website, provided that this content is external to said Website, nor does it guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in this content that could cause changes to the User’s computer system (hardware and software), documents or files, excluding any liability for damages of any kind caused to the user for this reason.

In the event that any user considers that the content or services provided by the linked sites are unlawful or damaging to the goods or rights of the user him or herself, of a customer or of a third party liable for compensation, and, in particular, consisting of:

1. activities or content that could be considered criminal under Spanish criminal law;

2. activities or content that violate intellectual or industrial property rights;

3. activities or content that endanger public order, criminal investigation, public safety and national defence;

4. activities or content that endanger the protection of public health, respect for personal dignity and the principle of non-discrimination, and the protection of health and children,

then he or she may make this known to VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. Nonetheless, the receipt of said notification shall not represent knowledge for the purposes of liability as set out in Article 17 of the Spanish Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. cannot be held responsible for the lack of usefulness or appropriateness of the present Website for a specific use, nor can it accept liability for damages the User may suffer due to errors or omissions that could be contained within the content of this Website, although it undertakes to regularly verify and monitor the content and information therein.

5. Links to other websites

Users who seek to create or who create hyperlinks from a web page on another Internet portal to any Web pages of VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. shall be subject to the following conditions:

1. Full or partial reproduction of any of the services or content from the Website is not permitted without prior express authorisation from VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L.

2. Any third party links to the Website must be to the home page, with “deep links”, IMG or image links and “frames” with the Web pages of VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. expressly prohibited, in addition to any other use of the Website content in favour of unauthorised third parties.

3. No false, inaccurate or inexact statement about the Web pages of VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. or about the services or content therein shall be included. Except those marks that form part of the hyperlink, the web page on which it is established shall not contain any mark, trade name, establishment sign, name, logo, slogan or other distinctive marks belonging to VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. unless authorised therefrom.

4. The establishment of the hyperlink shall not imply the existence of relations between VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. and the owner of the website or portal from which it is created, or the knowledge and acceptance of VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. of the services and content offered on said website or portal.

5. VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. shall not be responsible for the content or services made available to the public on the website or portal from which the hyperlink is created, or for the information and statements included therein.

The VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. Website provides the user with connections and links to other websites managed and controlled by third parties. Said links have the sole function of making it easier for users to find information, content and services on the Internet, but should in no way be considered a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to visit the same.

VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. does not market, nor manage, nor previously check nor claim as its own the content, services, information and statements available on said websites.

VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. does not assume any kind of liability, not even in an indirect or subsidiary manner, for damages of any kind that could arise from accessing or maintaining, or the use, quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of the content, information, communications, opinions, statements, products and services that appear or are offered on websites that are not managed by VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. and can be accessed via the website www.bonotour.com. 

In the event that VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. has actual knowledge that the information or activity to which the user is directed from said links is illegal, constitutes an offence or may be damaging to the goods or rights of a third party liable for compensation, it shall act with the necessary diligence to delete or disable the corresponding link as soon as possible.

6. Intellectual and industrial property

VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. owns the texts, images, logos, distinctive marks, sounds, animation, source code, design, navigation structure, databases and various software elements of the Website, as well as the industrial and intellectual property rights regarding the content contained therein.

Any transmission, distribution, reproduction or storage, in full or in part, for profit or commercial purposes, of the content stored on this Website is expressly prohibited without prior, express consent from the rights holder.

For the purpose of preserving potential intellectual or industrial property rights, in the event that any user or a third party feels that a violation of their legitimate rights has taken place due to the insertion of certain content on the website, they must notify VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. of this situation, stating:

1. the personal details of the interested party that holds the rights that are alleged to have been infringed. If the complaint is submitted by a third party other than the interested party, they must state on whose behalf they are acting;

2. indication of the content protected by the intellectual or industrial property rights and its location on the Website;

3. certification of the aforementioned intellectual or industrial property rights;

4. express declaration in which the interested party assumes responsibility for the truthfulness of the information provided in the notification.

The legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights regarding the content provided by third parties is the sole responsibility of the same.

Accessing this Website does not grant the user any right or ownership over the intellectual and industrial property rights of the corporate elements.

7. Privacy policy and protection of personal data

VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. may use forms on the Website to collect personal data and information from users to be stored or used. 

Users will receive detailed information on each of the forms used to collect personal data regarding processing, the purpose of using their data, the mandatory or optional nature of responses, the consequences of refusing to provide these and, in general, all other information required by applicable legislation on the subject of protection of personal data.

VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. undertakes to process users’ personal data in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force regarding data protection. Users undertake to keep the data that, where appropriate, they provide up to date, and are liable for any damages caused as a result of untruthfulness, inaccuracy or invalidity of the data provided.

8. Use of cookies

Cookies are files sent to the browser through a web server. The browser returns these to the server unchanged, thus providing a log of past events in HTTP transactions for the purpose of recording the user’s activities while browsing. These files contain a variety of information (from passwords to display settings) on the configuration of the website.

Cookies are generally used as follows:

1. To keep track of users: when we accept the option to save user and/or password on a website, that data is saved in a cookie so as to avoid having to enter it for every page on the server, since the HTTP protocol does not have the ability to store this data. We must always bear in mind that what is identified in these cases is a connection between the computer and the website, and not between a specific person and the website. 

2. To customise the appearance of the website according to user preferences. Customisation includes both presentation and functionality. 

3. To allow users who have registered previously to access the areas, services, promotions or competitions reserved exclusively for them without having to register during every visit. 

4. To obtain information on users’ browsing habits. This information is returned to the server when we connect to this page.


VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L., on its own account or on account of a third party contracted to provide measuring services, may use cookies when a user navigates the Website. 

The user has the ability to:

Expressly accept the use of cookies or not by ticking the box provided for this purpose.

Set up his or her browser to be notified of the receipt of cookies sent by the Website, or the third party acting on its behalf, notwithstanding that it may be necessary for the user to log in as such for each of the services or whose provision requires registering or logging in beforehand.

9. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

The present General Conditions shall be governed by Spanish law.

VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. and the user are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Alcoy, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, for any actions that may be brought further to the provision of the service from the Website and its services and content and regarding the interpretation, application and fulfilment or breach of the terms established herein, except where the user is consumer, in which case the court and legislation of his or her place of domicile shall apply.