How do I use Bonotour Vouchers?

All Vouchers have a number that you will be able to use in order to book your stay in any of our hotels through our website.

Who can use Bonotour Vouchers?

The Vouchers are not nominative, so they can be used by the buyer, but also by friends or relatives.

How can I book a hotel with Bonotour on the website?

It's easy to make a booking through Bonotour: you can do it through our website or by telephone ([+34] 902 050 335).

If you book over our website, you need to choose the destination and/or hotel and a date range, click on the “search” button and the hotels available on those dates will be shown. In order to cofirm the booking, click on the “book” button and enter your personal details and the Voucher number. Lastly, you need to make the payment for the booking through a secure connection.

You only need to use one Bonotour Voucher per booking, regardless of the number of nights and people included on your reservation.

What is the minimum board basis for “FREE HOTEL ROOMS”?

The minimum board basis may vary depending on the hotel, but it is usually half board. The only thing you have to pay for in the case of “FREE ROOMS” is the half board during your stay at the hotel.

Are there cancellation fees?

Bookings may be cancelled at any time, but they will be subject to the special conditions of the Supplier. This means that Bonotour won't charge you for any cancellation fees, but maybe the supplier will.

Bonotour offers its customers Cancellation Insurance.

What is Cancellation Insurance?

You have the option of purchasing Cancellation Insurance when making the booking. Cancellation Insurance covers the costs of cancelling the booking.

Can Bonotour Voucher Packs be returned?

Customers have 15 days to return Vouchers from the date they were purchased, provided that they were purchased via Bonotour’s main website (http://www.bonotour.com/es/talonario).

If the Voucher Pack was a gift, it will not be possible to return it or receive a refund.

Can I make a booking with Bonotour without having purchased a Bonotour Voucher beforehand?

Yes, you can search for the destination and hotel, and when you make the booking we will give you the chance to purchase a Voucher instantly.

What payment methods are accepted?

For our customers’ convenience, we offer the possibility to pay via credit or debit card. This is a fully secure process where the information is protected at all times through a secure connection and encrypted using SSL.

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Payments are made using a secure payment system via our partner bank, Catalunya Caixa. Viajes Tuttocard will not save your bank details at any time.

What does Bonotour do with my personal data?

VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. (owner of the Bonotour mark) will under no circumstances send any advertising that has not been requested by the user, nor will data be used for any purpose that is not detailed in the Privacy Policy.

How can I purchase a Bonotour Voucher Pack?

You can purchase the Voucher Pack via our website, http://www.bonotour.com/es/talonario, or by phoning Customer Service on (+34) 902 050 335.

When do the Bonotour Vouchers expire?

Bonotour Vouchers do not have an expiry date. Your active vouchers can be used whenever you wish.

Once I’ve made my booking, do you send me a confirmation?

Yes, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail at the e-mail address entered under personal details, which will contain a PDF document that you must print and show at the hotel when you do your check-in.

Until what time is my booking guaranteed?

Bookings are guaranteed until 6 pm on the date of arrival at the hotel.

If I’m going to arrive later than 6 pm, how do I let the hotel know?

To guarantee bookings with check-ins after 6 pm, you must call the hotel directly.

Can I request an extra bed?

Yes, by calling Customer Service on (+34) 902 05 03 35.