VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. from now on TUTTOVIAJES is a company based in Spain, address C/ Filá Cordón 36, Polígono Industrial Cotes Altes, postal code 03804 in Alcoy, Alicante, with company number B-54227707.



VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L. is a travel agency which also provides services related to email marketing and direct marketing and, for that purpose, collects personal information from those who will become the final recipients of the advertising campaigns and market research studies.

The main purpose of the TUTTOVIAJES MEMBERS file is only advertising and commercial prospection, an objective that requires the collection of personal data and the acceptance of the present privacy policy by the recipients of these commercial communications, in order to be able to address advertising actions to the, according to the terms detailed in this document.

The collection of personal data is achieved by TUTTOVIAJES taking part in contests, sweepstakes and/or offers as an organiser and/or sponsor, in a way that the participation of a user in these activities implies, at the same time and in a compulsory way, its inclusion in the advertising and statistic personal file TUTTOVIAJES MEMBERS.

In the same way, it is possible that, after the inicial subscription in an active contest, sweepstake and/or offer, the user receives from TUTTOVIAJES additional data requirements in order to create commercial profiles and, therefore, information that can be used to narrow the kind of advertising campaigns which will be later sent to said user, according to the information received. The recipients of these campaigns will be able, under their own will, to respond or not respond these additional requests.

Therefore, as contests, sweepstakes and/or offers organized by TUTTOVIAJES, have as a purpose the collection of the personal data of the recipients of the campaigns to the advertising file TUTTOVIAJES MEMBERS, in which the users have to avoid participating in case they don't want to have their personal data included in said file.

On the other hand and, unless a user specifically states the opposite, its participation in contests, sweepstakes and/or offers will imply, at the same time, the registration of its personal data in the databases of the sponsors of the contests. If the user wants to oppose to their data being included in the sponsors' files, they will need to use the checkboxes which specify so in the register page.

It is important to point out that the contests, sweepstakes and/or offers organized by TUTTOVIAJES are defraid by the benefits generated by the commercial use of the file TUTTOVIAJES MEMBERS. As it's been already stated, TUTTOVIAJES registers personal data in order to provide the users with advertising and information related to services and products provided by companies related to the activity sectors stated below, always with the consentment of the user. These advertising communications can be done in different ways, inserting advertising in the register form of the contests, sweepstakes and/or offers, as well as sending advertising information via email, post mail, phone calls, SMS and/or MMS, as well as making market research studies with statistic objectives.

These marketing actions can be performed either by TUTTOVIAJES itself, or by third companies interested in starting campaigns or market research studies, a purpose for which TUTTOVIAJES will provide this companies with the interested users' data.

This is why, you, in your condition of interested user, consent freely, expressly and unequivocaly that you allow TUTTOVIAJES to do this kind of communications of your personal information under the terms exposed here. We insist that, in case you do not wish to receive this kind of commercial informations, in any of the means that have been detailed above, we insist that you do not register in the contests, sweepstakes and/or offers organized by TUTTOVIAJES, in order to avoid the inclusion of your personal data in the statistic or advertising file TUTTOVIAJES MEMBERS.



3.1. Information rights and user consentment

 According to the law stated in the Organic Law 15/1999 on 13th December, of Personal Data Protection Law (DPL) VIAJES TUTTOCARD S.L. informs all users that a database exists of personal details created for VIAJES TUTTOCARD S.L. and referred to as “CLIENTS”, which has been registered with the Data Protection Agency with registration number 2072140473.

In agreement with the Data Protection Law (Organic Law 15/1999), we would like to inform you that the information given can be included in the database of VIAJES TUTTOCARD S.L  at address C/Filá Cordón, 36, 03804 de Alcoy (Alicante) Spain, and you have the right to see, cancel or modify your personal details at any time.

The purpose of the above mentioned database is:

-    Accounts, Fiscal and Administrative  use: handling of the registration and information request, pre-contract or contract carried out by the user via the website, telephone or Email. Handling and control of the promotions offered on the website, and maintenance of the comercial relationship between client and company.
-    It is also the aim of the named database to be moved within our administration or other entities, campaigns and offers of other commercial companies and services related to the following industries:

* Finance:  Financial companies, Insurance and Welfare services.
* Telecomunications.
* Recreation : Publishers, Tourism, Sports, Collectables, Photography, Puzzles, Games, Transport, Garden, Hobbies, Lotteries, Lottery games, Communication and Entertainment.
* General: Electronics, IT, Textile, Sound and Image, Accessories, Home, Marketplace, Personal Care (Cosmetics, Perfume, special pharmacy products)  Furniture, Food and Drink, Office Supplies.
* Optics and optometry.
* Transport: Products and Services related to Cars, Motorbikes and Lorries.
* Electoral propaganda.
* Education.
* Energy and Water: Products related with Electricity, Hydrocarbon, Gas and Water.
* NGO. Products and Services related with NGOs.

These advertising campaigns might imply, ocasionally, the communication of your personal data to companies interested in spreading their advertising campaigns. The communication of your personal data could be done through one or more commercial communications, while you do not revoke your consentment. TUTTOVIAJES is not responsible for the advertising content of the campaigns the interested campaigns send to the user.

The user consents, as well, that TUTTOVIAJES is capable of communicating their personal data to third companies related with the above mentioned sectors in order to clean and normalize other databases to provide a better quality of the advertising services it provides.

It's understood that the user accepts the Privacy Policy when they check the  “Accept” box that is found in the registration form. With that the registration presumes the consent of the user and that they agree to the privacy policy of VIAJES TUTTOCARD S.L, under the terms mentioned along this document.

This consentment implies that you consent expressly and unequivocaly, that your personal data stay in this file while you do not use your right of cancellation or VIAJES TUTTOCARD, S.L., detects that said data is inexact or nonexisting. As the purpose of this file is to make advertising campaigns and market research studies, with the previous elaboration of determined commercial profiles, personal data collected is adequate, pertinent and non-excessive.

Generally, we register IP addresses by the time users register in our offers voluntarily, in order to prove the origin of said registration. An IP is a number your Internet provider assigns to your modem or router. This information registers for the system administration and in order to guarantee the origin of the registration.

The information included in the file, property of TUTTOVIAJES, will be treated with the maximum privacy, confidenciality and safety, applying the security rules stablished by the current law regulations.

TUTTOVIAJES DOES NOT ACCEPT the registration of users under 18 years old. To do so, necessary measures have been taken regarding the registration forms. Derivated consequences from the access of an underaged user, providing false birth date information in the forms, will not be imputable to TUTTOVIAJES.

TUTTOVIAJES reserves its right to cancel, modify and/or normalize your personal data, as well as the right of not saving your registration in case the information provided is not real or contains typographic or ortographic mistakes.


3.2. Rights of Access, change, cancellation and complaint

As previously mentioned, the user can excersize their right of access, change, cancellation and complaint of the treatment of their personal details by writing to VIAJES TUTTOCARD S.L..at the following address: C/Filá Cordón, 36, 03804, Alcoy 03804 (Alicante) Spain or by email at info@tuttoviajes.es, including the following information: name, surname(s), a statement detailing the request, notification address, date, signature, and a copy of an ID or passport.


All of the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory in order to complete the registration process. If you do not complete all of these fields then your details will not be stored on the database. VIAJES TUTTOCARD S.L. reserves the right to cancel and delete the personal details if they consider them to be incorrect . 


The personal details  of our users are stored in a database which is property of VIAJES TUTTOCARD S.L., which guarantees technical and structural security measures to protect the integrity and security of the personal information. VIAJES TUTTOCARD S.L maintains the security protection measures  of their data in accordance with the legislation set out in the Protection of Personal Details.



The treatment of personal information and the send of communications via electronic means are done according to the regulation stablished in the Organic Law 15/1999 on 13th December, of Personal Data Protection Law ( B.O.E 14/12/1999), RD 1720/2007 on 21st December, which approves the regulations regarding the development of the DPL, and the Law 34/2002 on 11st July, of Information Society Services and E-Commerce (B.O.E. 12/07/2002).